My most recent work involves using books as my canvas. I started collecting these books at various sales, thrift stores and flea markets. I completely identified with them as objects past their “use by” date. As more of me becomes wrinkled and gray, I’ve become much more sensitive to objects like these old books. Working with them has been a cathartic activity, allowing me to cope with the aging process. I’ve tried to give them a look of being loved and valued but also mysterious and full of character. I wanted to give back to them that stately grace of importance...something someone carried with them and used on a regular basis. I wanted them to become important artifacts of some person’s moment in history and not musty relics of a forgotten thought or purpose. This process hasn’t made me younger, but it has given me a greater perspective on the dignity of aging.

overeurope.jpgWonder World ArtifactHandbook of Radio and TV BroadcastingWorld Atlas ArtifactAnne's House of DreamsVitalic Breathing